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Congress already wants to block rollout of Facebook’s cryptocurrency

That didn’t take long. Just a few hours after Facebook announced the details of its Libra cryptocurrency on Tuesday morning, lawmakers in Congress told the social media giant to pump the brakes. Politicians on both sides of the aisle expressed their skepticism about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), chair of the House Financial

Meetrz App Seeks to Help Small Businesses Connect Locally

There are more ways than ever to connect with people, but each successive app seems to prolong the process even more. Algorithms have removed the organic way in which people connect and made it more complicated than it has to be. Sean Whalen created the Meetrz app to get rid of loaded connection lists and

NASA Invests $45M in US Small Businesses for Space Tech Development

American businesses will help NASA land astronauts on the Moon in five years and establish a sustainable presence there, as part of the agency’s larger Moon to Mars exploration approach. NASA has selected 363 proposals from small businesses and research institutions across 41 states to help advance the types of capabilities needed for those future

Apple, Google, and Facebook Are Raiding Animal Research Labs

Neuroscientists studying birds, mice, and fish are landing seven-figure salaries to help advance artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and more. Jaguar is a mouse. He lives at Harvard’s Rowland Institute, where, from time to time, he plays video games on a rig that looks like it belongs in A Clockwork Orange. Metal bars position him inside