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6 Fresh Ways to Find Your Passion

It can be so frustrating when people advise you, “Just follow your passion!” Yeah, sure, you’d love to—if only you knew what your passion was. You’re probably the kind of person who works hard, with commitment and persistence. When you know what you’re doing, nothing will stop you. But before you can become unstoppable, you

How to Relocate for Your Job in the Smoothest Way Possible

Moving somewhere new can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. Will you find a new friend group, acclimate to a new culture, and fit in at a new office? These questions, and more, are what make relocation an adventure—whether you’re moving 500 miles away or halfway around the world. But, your company can be a big help

This Is What Being a Management Consultant Actually Means

You may have heard of a management consultant—and you could even have friends with the title. They may talk of travel, clients, presentations, and spreadsheets, but, well, what do they actually do all day? How did they land the role to begin with? And, most importantly, could a job like that be a fit for you? To